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Goofing Off

+ Dana rides Bobby like a horse
+ Jon Bolden and Dana
+ Ya know, I don't think I could really depend on these people
+ The best license place ever
+ Our fearless leader gets married (Brooke & Dana)
+ Bobby Midkiff, mid-haircut
+ Jared & Ana get down on the boobies
+ It's not all about the booty, it's all about Jared & Nick's booty
+ Josh Pritchard might be the sexiest person alive
+ Jess & Ray are super cute
+ Joe on the pinboard 2
+ Joe on the pinboard 1
+ Snot explosions!
+ Mo gets busy on Dana's butt with a pom-pom
+ This speaks for itself
+ The Holden Caulfield Cuddle Machine
+ Lex Vegas + Holden Caulfield = Love
+ Dana: Devourer Of Worlds
+ The Holden Caulfield van has been broken in (Josh and Bobby)
+ Dr. Bobby and Mr. Hyde
+ Tower diving duuuuuude!
+ More Harrisonburg tower diving
+ Josh, Dana, and Bobby face the destruction of Ravenswood, WV
+ The 11th Plague METAL CLAW
+ Bobby grinds on Josh and Lisa
+ Congratulations Travis and Tara
+ When Holden Caulfield promo pics go bad
+ G-HEY (Bobby and Jon give us another reason to question their sexuality)
+ Halloween, fakes smiles and stupidity (Lee, Bobby, Brooke, Jon, Dana)
+ Jackass Hill
+ Bryan Patterson: The Aviator, The Lover, The Rock N Roll Machine
+ Hot Natalie, Dana, Mike Torti
+ Hot Natalie has no love for the Hank Jones
+ Joe Klug, destroyer of oppression
+ Girls giggle and no one understands why (Poppy and Bobby)
+ Everyone loves the Pointer Sisters (Jon, Keanon, Aaron)
+ Bobby kills Jon
+ Joe Klug presents Hank Jones with a cake
+ Some people truely don't realize how lame them are
+ No really, this makes my head hurt
+ Most of the W.Va. posters from (aka: a bunch of dorks) - 01 02 03
+ Cody trying to make Dana drink (that's Cody's hand, if you look really close)
+ Some of the zombies in Dave Scarpelli's new movie (Dana is the one on the upper right)
+ Just one more...
+ Different pose
+ Forever family 
+ JD, Jared, Martyn, JX, Andrick
+ If you could now look to your left a little...
+ JD and Sarah
+ Martyn, Evan, Melissa, Jared, Stump
+ Watching videos and hanging out at Eat N Park
+ Mac + booze = .....
+ Martyn, Dana, King Dave
+ Martyn and JD
+ Too many to name, again.
+ Sarah and JD
+ Andrick and Flanagan.  Yes, Flanagan is sucking the sweat out of his wristband.
+ Too many to name
+ Jared, JD, Martyn, Duane
+ Joe yells something awesome to get people to "bring the mosh"
+ Her,e he demonstrates
+ Joe likes to pretend his Mt. Dew bottle is a microphone, then hit the dance floor with it.  Here he explains.
+ Dana tries to find the bottle rocket in the sky
+ Joe stares into space
+ Still not going in the air
+ This little guy wouldn't go in the air, thus the black spot in the yard
+ Joe goes too far, Dana prepares to eat Joe.
+ Joe gets a little excited, Dana watches in awe
+ Dana lights the fireworks
+ Dana + Joe + Fireworks...  watch out - 01 02 03 04 05 animation of the 5 pictures
+ Joe and Kuz are both jackasses
+ Mike & the Barbi Twins prepare to get it on
+ Nick waking up a little earlier than he thought he should
+ Leno showing us his 'oh' face while Mike shows his displeasure
+ Dustin and Dana.  This is a bad picture of both.
+ Angela and Rachel rocking out
+ Michael gives the hand, Zack gives the SHOCKER
+ The entire bowling party (except Lezlie & that guy she's with weren't there.  They just showed up.)
+ Rob rollin'
+ Dana and Angela bowling between the legs again
+ Angela's birthday at the bowling alley.  Bowling between the legs. (Angela and Dana)
+ (clockwise from left) Steve, PJ, Paul, Chris, Dana
+ Self explanatory (foul language)
+ Nitro scene reunion guys (9 guys who used to live around here and go to shows...  hence "reunion")
+ EMS and Dana
+ Laura, Dana, and Joe making perverted hand gestures
+ Trip to the last Brother's Keeper show in Erie.  JX, Zack, Trystin, Laura, Dana, Joe
+ Dana ready to kill, Zack in the background, unaware
+ Dana and Matt (Matt has a tattoo that says "Hairy".  He's sad that he's been beaten.)
+ Frankenstein and Lisa
+ Andrew W.K. and Dana
+ JX conjures perhaps the ugliest demon possible
+ Josh blowing more fire
+ Josh and Dana "lighting farts"
+ Josh blowing fire
+ Dana & Josh get in on some twisted sort of... yeah...
+ Dana's rains down fire
+ We seriously didn't realize that sign was there when we took this picture.  The sign makes it 10x funnier.
+ Dana goes shopping w/o his pants (Dave as sales clerk, UK Tim as other customer) - 01 02 03 04 05 06
+ I wonder how many pictures we have on this site of guys acting gay? (Dana & Mike)
+ Mike, Mike, and Mike, acting like they like boys
+ Kuz & Joe at a Throwdown show.  Joe was destroying the dancefloor in that mask too.
+ Kuz at a Throwdown show
+ Angela decides she's tired of talking
+ Random shot of people walking toward the stage (Krazy Fest 2002)
+ Rachel, Joe, and Michael.  I have no idea what's going on in Michael's head right there. (Krazy Fest 2002)
+ A bunch of us hanging out at the A.R.A. booth (Krazy Fest 2002)
+ Natalie and Dana (Krazy Fest 2002)
+ Dana and PJ after a sweltering hot day in the Pittsburgh sun
+ More Dana interstate nudity - proving he's on the interstate
+ More Dana interstate nudity - Running down I-79
+ Dana rocks out with a busted knee (one of many times)
+ Joe Klug...  rent-a-cop or child molester?
+ David Scarpelli, Adam & Dana all embrace in manly, heterosexual love (or is it?)
+ Flanagan and Artie crush Dana (shortly after this was taken Artie proceeded to tickle Dana's balls)
+ Joe prepares to pummel Eric with his brass knuckles
+ Natalie, Regyna, Dana, Kuz, Eric, Joe, Diana, Josh, Mac & Danny
+ The faces of constipation (Kuz & Danny)
+ What's that white stuff on your face, Kuz?
+ West siiiiiiiide. (Dana & Dave Scarpelli in Wheeling, WV)
+ Dana, the plague bringer, Travis, the beer drinker
+ John Lancaster and Bruce Campbell (yes, THAT Bruce Campbell)
+ Lisa and Candice are metal, as usual
+ Mike Andrick, Dana, Mac and Leno looking for a fight
+ Walt Flanagan's Dog's last show with Tim
+ Nick Crothers does the unthinkable - 01 02 03 04
+ Dana wishes he hadn't cracked the rock on his head
+ Dana cracking rocks on his head
+ Kuz goes to the carnival
+ Joe catches Dana with his pants down
+ Dana takes Joe unexpectedly takes Joe down in the parking lot
+ Jared tries to sway Mac's attacks with a left fist full of hate
+ Mac takes it back and smashes Jared's skull on his mighty knee of fury
+ Jared nails Mac down on his own car and prepares his guns to fire
+ Jared Stephens head rams Mac's spine
+ Lisa & Martyn battle it out
+ Mac smashes Mike into the recliner
+ Mike attempting a leg lock on Mac
+ Dana, Kerry King, JX, PD & Derek
+ JX, Dana, Tom Araya, Derek & PD
+ Vinnie Paul from Pantera signs a very classy young lady on her bum (we took this ourselves)
+ Kuz in a girlie tee
+ All that sugar and caffeine finally got to Dana.  Rachel sports the horns.
+ Tim eats Martyn, Martyn is stupid, Dana is also stupid
+ Emily has no idea what is going on behind her
+ We're startin' up a posse to come and look for you...
+ King Dave pounds Dana, Dana kills Martyn, Martyn dies
+ UK Tim dies
+ Martyn wakes up to an unwanted surprise
+ Kids, when a man is good friends with another man, sometimes he kisses his belly (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ Mac decides that he wants to get naked like everyone else (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ Joe and Dana still paying for taking Ryan's sleeping bag (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ I guess Ryan really didn't like it too much that we took his sleeping bag either (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ Good gosh. I guess Ryan really WAS naked underneath that sleeping bag. (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ Yikes (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ Joe prepares Eric for the mosh-a-thon (Krazy Fest 2001)
+ Obviously Karen is suffering from a case of hemorrhoids (I'm being sarcastic)
+ Karen, Jared, Mike, Travis & Sean
+ Clockwise:  Adam Allie (he has no idea he's in the picture), Eric, Mike, Karen, Travis & Dana
+ Dana carries Martyn for no apparent reason (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ (L-R) Dave, Dana, Flanagan, Martyn, Mike & Jared
+ (clockwise from bottom) Flanagan, Martyn, Mike, Lisa, Emily, Evan, Jared, Alley & Dave
+ Dana and his mom love Manowar
+ Dana & King Dave humping like bunnies while Lisa looks on
+ Dave W., King Dave & Dana are morons
+ Martyn gives Dana a haircut
+ Martyn dies
+ Dana has another violent urination
+ "Hi.  My name's Dana.  This is my brother Dave, this is my other brother Dave." (King Dave, Dana, Dave W.)
+ Mac, Dana & Liz on the way back from Converge
+ Evan or Dolemite?
+ The corn fields of Kentucky (Mac, Dana & Mike)
+ Evan, Mike, Martyn & Emily
+ I probably shouldn't have put this one on here...  Dana in the middle of I-64
+ Mac tells some guy that he needs to pump his own gas or die (maybe I'm exaggerating)
+ King Dave and Leno are date mates while Flanagan has found something more interesting on the floor
+ Dave and Jeff Codeseven in their underwear, rocking out to to Bloodjinn 01 02
+ King Dave executes the dreaded "King Maneuver"
+ King Dave puts Dana in the figure four while Martyn helps out
+ Dana nails a $156 speeding ticket (Mac holds our golden trophy)
+ Comedy on the road with XIII PFP
+ (l-r) Mike, Liz, Wes, Dana & the XIII PFP crew
+ Dave, Chris, Dana...  Chris is the only one that looks good in this picture
+ Chris Punchline with Britney Spears
+ Dunn: "You said a mouthful King Dave." King Dave: "Glad you can appreciate me for who I am."
+ I don't know about all that (Dave W. & King Dave)
+ King Dave isn't used to this (Candice on his lap)
+ We pulled Walt & Leno away from all their women to take this picture
+ Mac & Dana mop up poo water
+ Mac destroys, we clean (Mac, Dana, Leno & Travis)
+ Any girl's dream (Joe & Dana)
+ I'm not sure we were all posing for the same picture (Lisa, Dave W., Dana, Martyn, Emily)
+ Dana preparing to hump Perri
+ Emily, Lisa, Candice, Martyn, Mac, Dana, King Dave (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ Ana & Joe sandwich in Mr. Krazy Fest himself, The Mouse (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ Lisa, Andrea, Martyn & King Dave in front of the Humana building (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ Joe violates the aforementioned street person while Lisa looks on (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ King Dave says hello to a Louisville street person (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ Flanagan comes out to talk to Joe after we woke him up at the hotel (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ Emily, Lisa, Jared, and Joe at the hotel, about to head back to the show (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ I don't think any of us were ready for this picture (Krazy Fest 2000)
+ Dave thinks he knows kung-fu
+ Everyone at the airport the day Martyn went back to England
+ JC, Matt, Allie, Martyn, Dana, Andrea, Dave & Mike at Martyn's welcome home show
+ This guy is just...  well...  a jackass
+ Ali & Mike (looking like the dude from Empire Records) sportin' the beatnik look
+ Travis uses his cereal box wisely
+ Duane, Jared & Dana are pretty boys
+ Mike, Lisa, Dana, Martyn & Evan at the airport the day Martyn left for England
+ L-R: Travis, Shanna, Alicia, Mac, Andrea, Dana, Jacquelyn, Dave, Lisa, Candice
+ Mac & Dave
+ Chris & Duane, yo
+ Duane, Dave K., Dana & Mike
+ Mento's, the Freshmaker (Duane & Dana)
+ Dave K., Mike, Dana & Duane
+ Dave W. & Dana in business mode
+ Travis Y., Mike, Dana & Mac pile-on
+ Prissy Jason, Surprised Dana & Dave the Serpent
+ Mac & Dana ready to RE-GU-LATE
+ Mac gets love from an idle hand
+ The Mysterious Red-head, Mike, Dana & Decapitated Mac
+ We're a bunch of pretty guys (Mike, Mac, Dana)
+ Mac MAY have been asleep just before this was taken
+ Mac gets unexpected lovin from Dana
+ Travis w/ his women (L-R: Alicia, Faith & Katie)
+ Mike & Mac make a cute couple
+ Emo Dana in Travis's room
+ Mac in a fetal position asleep in the back of the car
+ No comment (Dana & Mac)
+ Dana & Mike kind of made a beer sign into a straight edge sign
+ Dana gets lovin from Mike as Mason looks on
+ + + We found an empty keg and thought it would be amusing to bust into the place we worked and leave a keg sitting there with all this crap around it for our manager to find. We also left James Brown's "Sex Machine" blaring on repeat all night long.
+ + + We tried to leave, but Dana & Dave passed out again
+ + + Dana makes his move while passed out
+ + + We can't hold our alcohol (clockwise: Crouser, Dave W., King Dave & Dana)
+ + + King Dave & Dana hook Dave W. up while Crouser looks on
+ + + Crouser & Dana help King Dave do a keg stand (that's really a power cord in his mouth)
+ + + Crouser, Pokemon & the "Page 3 Girl"
+ + + Freaking drunken Pokemon
+ + + We got busted by security at the top of the escalator
+ + + Crouser & Dave on the move
+ Flanagan destroys the battle royal with one shoulder plant
+ Dana holds Jared at bay by the legs of his pants
+ Dana destroys JD and Jared Smallridge in a leap from the turnbuckle
+ Flanagan and JD still shooting at Jared. See his green shield way down in the yard?
+ JD and Flanagan shooting paintballs at JD's brother Jared
+ Dana, Nathan, and Martyn. I love how Nathan looks like nothing weird is happening at all.
+ Sometimes you gotta act like someone is peeing on your face when you're a giant pumpkin
+ Dana, Jared, Ryan, and Martyn. This is why the ladies love us.
+ "Don't pee where you eat"
+ Martyn + corn = dirty
+ Where CornZine got it's name (we used this pic on the front page once, as you could've probably guessed)
+ As the sun sets over Grayson, Martyn and Mike pull themselves together for one last picture
+ Okay, okay... THIS was the last time Mike was ever seen
+ This was the last time Mike was ever seen
+ YOU try to stand on the surface of water on your tip-toes
+ Dana, Martyn and Jared... Underwear cliffdiving at Grayson Lake
+ Bad picture of Dana (it's a sucker, if you're wondering)
+ Bad picture of Mike
+ Jacquelyn & Dana throw up some horns
+ (L-R) Dana w/ Amber and big, bad Jason at their wedding
+ Mike playing hallway tennis at Marshall
+ Dana gropes Mike as Shanna looks on
+ (L-R) Jared, Duane, Dana & that darn hippie Mike after a BTGOG show
+ Mike has his way with Jacquelyn (another joke, I don't want to hear it)
+ Martyn thinks he's hard
+ (L-R) Martyn, Jared, Dana and lots of beer (it's a joke, so don't email me about it)
+ Dave Williams and Dana at work (Dana dies here)
+ Dana's stomach rejecting Diet Sprite
+ (L-R) Dana, Mike, Jared, Martyn, Flan after Punkorama in Clevo
+ Dana & Martyn: armed and dangerous
+ Some guy (background), JC, Wendy, Molly, Martyn, Dave & Dana
+ A bunch of people on a couch (too many to label)
+ What's that crap on your plate?
+ Jared says a mouthful
+ Martyn, Dana, Duane
+ Pinch your head
+ Jared showing his true feelings
+ Wear your seatbelt, seriously.
+ Dave, Martyn, Dana, JC (again)
+ Martyn getting thrown around
+ Dave, Martyn, Dana, JC
+ Chris & Mike (You gotta see this one)
+ Jared Stephens and Travis looking a little... hmmm...
+ Martyn & Dana
+ Darth Chris (in a towel)
+ Martyn & Dave
+ Corey from Walt Flanagan's Dog & Roger from Less Than Jake
+ Wendy, JC, Martyn, Dave, sign of metal
+ Dana launches off the stage onto a cushiony death below - 01 02
+ Dana after Ozzfest (in '97)
+ This is us looking our absolute best, sorry
+ Pauley looking really feminine (w/ Flan looking like a goof)
+ Jimmy & Dana @ Cedar Point
+ Travis & Dana
+ Do not mess with us
+ Chris, Jared & Dana
+ Frankenpimp & Martyn
+ Martyn + Jared = metal
+ L to R: Half of Chris A., JD actin the fool, Sarah looking surprised
+ Dave, JD, Justin, Flanagan
+ Mike, Perri & Dana in a photo booth
+ Mike, Martyn, Jared, Travis
+ Flanagan, Dana, Martyn
+ Chris proving he could destroy you
+ Party @ McD's after a show
+ Flanagan and Dana (look at the knot on Flanagan's head!)
+ Max Cavalera (back in the Sepultura days), Paul, Dana
+ Evil Josh Baker
+ Yeah, it's really Sting!
+ Flanagan loves the camera
+ Travis riding Chris
+ Dave, Martyn, Jared Stephens, Flanagan, Dana & Chris

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